'Sindikit are coming to Toowoomba!

As part of The Regions project, Alexandra Lawson Gallery (and RAYGUN Lab) have brought the founders of an American collaborative art project to Toowoomba for a week from March 3rd, 2019. Tim Doud and Zoë Charlton will be hosting an invitational dinner with members of the locally-based Mulberry Project, working with RAYGUN Lab and Alexandra Lawson Gallery, fine art students at USQ and visiting First Coat Studios.

  • Monday 4th March - Friday 9th March, USQ Red Door Gallery (open studio/all welcome)

  • Tuesday 5th March - 5.30 - 7pm, First Coat Studios, 6 Laurel Street, Toowoomba (all welcome)

  • Friday 9th March - Collaboration with the Mulberry Project, Nobby

‘Sindikit collaboration meeting.

‘Sindikit collaboration meeting.