Dan Elborne - PerMANENCE



video by Kirsty Lee

Dan Elborne is an artist based in Queensland, Australia. His preferred working material is clay.

‘Permanence’ by Elborne is a solo exhibition comprising a series of objects primarily constructed from the bi-product of a recent, long-term body of work which, through its production, left a large amount of fired ceramic particles. Click here to read the essay by Sandy Pottinger

video by Kirsty Lee

The exhibition opened at the Rosalie Gallery at 89 Mocatta St, Goombungee QLD 4354 on Friday April 12, 2019 from 7-9pm for refreshments and a Q&A with the artist.

opening night

Dan completed his PhD at the University of Southern Queensland in 2019 and is preparing an exhibition of his major thesis. He has been creating ceramic works since 2011. He has exhibited extensively, both in the Toowoomba regions and internationally, with his work exhibited in Iceland, Finland, London in the UK, in Philadelphia in the US, and in Japan. He has completed residencies in Japan, Denmark, Iceland and France.

Primarily, Dan creates ceramic installations, which draw from varying points of personal experience and significance. By utilising the fragile and precious nature of ceramics, he addresses sensitive historical events as well as cultural and political issues within contemporary society. Dan’s works aim to alter the gallery environment, bringing viewers into a gentle space of contemplation and reflection.

According to Dan, ‘The objects culminate, at least to me, a wide range of process-based research, travel and physical work over the past few years. By making the work in Toowoomba, I feel that it centralises all of these experiences in the place I call home, and the place I am proud to have my studio practice based. The series is evidence of hundreds of firings conducted for the sake of my most recent large-scale project.’

behind the scenes: Install of Permanence