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Australian movement artist and videographer Kirsty Lee developed a series of new artworks called ‘Finding Space’ following her own investigations and conversation with the communities in Millmerran, Goombungee and Hampton, held in February 2019.

Kirsty Lee’s exhibition was held at the Rosalie Gallery, Goombungee and at the Millmerran Library from March 15, 2019. The exhibition opened at Goombungee at 7pm on March 15, 2019.

With this collection of intimate new digital works, Lee illustrates the geographical space of three regional communities (Millmerran, Hampton and Goombungee). These installations served to identify the beauty and intrigue of everyday space and surroundings of a community.

Imbued with colour, speed, repetition and form, these visually ambiguous works invite the viewer to reimagine their sense of  ‘space’ and ‘place’.

The complete artist’s statement for Kirsty’s works is available here (click through).

Kirsty Lee has kindly allowed us to publish her ‘Finding Space’ video works below

Goombungee -  photo credit Kirsty Lee.png

Exhibition Opening at Goombungee’s Rosalie Gallery